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The Westoxicateds (Mid-length Doc)

In the heart of Tehran’s hubbub of yapping taxi derivers and revving motorcycles, an artist couple take you to their fantastical empire. While Siamak, an illustrator, doodles your way through a fun house of duelling sea creatures, weight lifting scorpions and floating astronauts; Aida, a mixed media artist, takes you behind the curtain of physiological where magic starts behind bleeding noises and tearful eyes.

This film is the recipient of Programme d’Aide aux Jeunes Créateurs- Aide à la Scénarisation


Summer of Ramona

Ramona spends the summer in a remote village where her mom serves as an in-nurse for an old lady who suffers from dementia. One day Lorie, the neighbour girl, takes her to the stable where an old sick horse is being shot to death by its owner. This incident changes the course of Ramona’s life.

Silver Tomatoes

Ashes of Goldie

Finger Guns

Drinking Coffee With Gilgamesh